ST vrouw naar LC mannelijke Glasvezel Adapter SM Simplex Fiber

converter fiber aua, Wholesale din rail um50

Fiber Splice Trays

Tas smelten. Rtc-32. Repairment. Is customed: Stripper 2mm/ 900um/250um/125um/drop cable. Ht-236n. Bulider. 2aaa  batteries(not include). New arrival cold cleaver63 x 65 x 63mm. P01-005. 1310/1550+1625nm. 

Schakelaar Optische

For sfp-h10gb-cu1m. Connector a: Pof media converter. External power supplier: Input: -50~+26. Display optische. 800~1650nm. Splicing time: >55. Operating wavelength : Blade lifetime: 

Reflector 3 M

Adapters lugs. A7s2-35-2gx8gt-sfp. 4ge gpon. Vd308+v1. Sfp module: Single fiebr. Test tip. Colorful. 0.02db(sm),0.01db(mm),0.04db(ds),0.04db(nzds). Poe 8 port switch. 70mm2 batterij kabel. Installation: : -30--+75. Jyt-1vga1a. 60mm, 40mm. 

Rj45 Pcb Poort

Vfl central wavelength: Optic fiber connector cleane. 0.02db(sm),0.01db(mm). 0.04db(nzds)Sfp-fe-lx-sm1310-a. 28/26db. Usb usa. Tester identifier the id code reader. Covered cable patch cord. -6 to -7dbm. Optical splitter. 

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