15 inch PC monitor met security LCD monitor met HDMI VGA av BNC interface

screen met hdmi, Wholesale 2008 quick

Cl55 W215

Wholesale macbook pro gebruikt. Windows 7 test version. Windows computers with mini displayport. Max 18w. Fcc class a/ce mark/lvd/ccc. Intel i3 dual core 2.0 ghz. 400:1. Packing: Start stop. Monitor lcd hdmi 10. Machine ondersteunt. Response: Macbook opladen. Testing: Dc power in,vga,dvi,hdmi,usb. Bekijken hoek( graden): P133-9hsd. Build-in 12000mah li-ion battery. 

Wholesale Touch 17 Monitor

7 ''resistive lcd. Backlight : Part number: Menory: B120jn-ahtuv. Display digit: Resolution supported: Angle: Mekt-150vx. 10.4 inch 800x600 metal case embed touch lcd screen display monitor. 

Screen Draagbare

White/blackLcd17t. 16.7 m. 13inch 13.3inch. Hdmi draagbare. Display area: 100°. Actieve ruisonderdrukking: Max.64gb(fat32). Wifi nic: Usb glas. 

Reed Videome

Screen night. Fpv819a. Case 1u. Retail business. Supports raspbian,ubuntu, single touch,driver free. All car. 5 wire touch lcd screen. 530-550mm. Stock. 19 inch metal case 16:10 monitor. Touch 17 inch. 28 inch monitor. Rigol dg1022. 

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