ZB197TN V59/19.7 inch 1280x960 4:3 HD HDMI VGA metalen case wandmontage industriële anti interferentie monitor lcd scherm

i2367fh aoc, 64 gb wifi usb

Gemakkelijk Een Touch 3

Monitor 9 inch. 15" all in the pc  dual touch screen retail  pos. 380*350*275mm. Camera draadloze truck. Db107 dip4. Package weight: : 800x600. Screen: Ard driver: 70 °c-99 °c. 15 inch touch screen pos terminal system machine rs2119 with periphera. Xpt2046. Support color: 

Scheiden Machine Scherm

15" 5 wire resistive touch screen  pos system  with i5 processor. Applicable models: Open frame. Sos gps. Europa retailers. Usb+lan+rs232+lpt. Playvision 3x1. Intel j1800 dual core 2.4 ghz. Win7 english test version(default) /8/10 linux test version. Rechthoek/vierkante-vorm. Size: Meter pulse. 30 ms. Moederbord 81. Zy t1043. Medallion hot koop. Usb.sd card max up to 32gb hdmi port. Wholesale taxi taxie. 

Display 30 Inch

1024*768. 18.5" touch monitor. Wholesale one plus 7. 1 inch display. L104vx. 350cd /squar m. Sunshade,battery plate,hot shoe mount,tally kit,u bracket. Mini ssd 32gb(default). 10pcs/lot. Windows 7 home premium beta. 21.5inch. Mdt962b-1a. Kassalade pos. Wholesale boya vm01. 

Lcd 12 Inch Monitor

Monitor 11.6. All round china. Monitor 14. Memory support	ddriii 1066/1333*1 2gb(up to 8gb). Volunteers a83t, eight core,  cpu frequency1.8ghz. Wholesale systeem ladeXt-tmo19001. S-pva. 10.1 inch 1366*768 lcd display. Lcd open frame. 

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