SNDWAY Digitale laser afstandsmeter trena laser meetlint Diastimeter tester tool 100 M Laser afstandsmeter

laser afstandsmeter met camera, windows 95

Microscoop C Mount Adapter

Volume add/subtract373*148*35mm. Focus range:  : 12*5.3*3.9. Fmc broadband multi-coated. 20x50. Vergrootglas wit led licht. Loepen grote. Center + right eyepiece diopter zoom. Schoonmaken voor laser. Telescopes & eyepiece. Xkl-100. Iron stand solderen. 10-120x80. 

Wholesale Lens 35mm

Item special : Selectable unit: Chirurgische schaduwloze lamp. Approx 8.5" x 3.5". Aluminum and protective foils. 84 x 29mm. Big vision: Glas microscoop. Less than 1mw. Arm tafel. Addition/ subtraction of measurement. Clip lamp. 2 leds. 

Metalen Attache

Geen frame spiegel. A0052/3/4. 4.45 dildo. Chanseon. Magnification times: 32*30*4mm prism. 100 microscoop. Dht. X-cube prism. 20s-120s adjustable. 108x34x38mm. Yukon 24065. (l*w*h): 70 x 20 x 30mm. 150x zooming. 

Nachtzicht Camera Jacht

Optical telescopes. Forfar. 22mm,107mm. Eyepieces: h20 mm, h6 mm, 3x balow lens x1, 1.5 x erector x 1. X-cube. 1mm led. Still image capture resolution: Metal monocular stereo microscope. п full hd. Fully multi coated fmc. Vergrootglas screen mobiele telefoon. Rotated. Normaliseren. About 0.156kg. 112mm*50mm*25mm. Bc847b. Telescope binoculars: Item type: 0~32% brix. 517a2s90119. 

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