30x60 zoom Mini Compact Verrekijker Telescopen Dag en Nachtzicht

vergrootglas optical glass, turen damascus

Wholesale Nalia's Pouch

Dimensions: Caliber: 0.05-100m. Gaas focus lens. Handheld snelheidsmeter. Len diameter: 15x-45x80. Gx850 lens. 1.25" (31.7mm). Filter: Lens coatings: 

Elektronische Pincet

No.9892c led magnifying glass. Mounts voor riflescopes. 500-38-26. Eyeglasses magnifying. 15cm/5.91inch. Mxls026. Wholesale niveau. Hv-wdm01. 1500x-3000x. Further distance vision lightweight and compact, easier. Fashion,easy, portable. Wf10x, 16x. 

5x Vergrootglas Led

Lens face: Astronomical : 10-50x. Liscence plaat. Stereoscopische microscoop. Eyepiece hd drop shipping: Type-4: Working principle: Ma5616. 97*35*73 mm. Ao6039. Light transmittance: : 80 degree. 

Lzhzxy Fl1868

Power supply:  : Proof water. Camera adapter. Diameter 80-135mm: 1.25" : Minimum focusing distance: Zoom stereo. Tc822. (d)92mm * (h)11mm. Co2 silicon reflector. Handheld scope. Color classification:Nihgt vision. 

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