RZ70 229ft SNDWAY Laser Afstandsmeter afstandsmeter 70 m Digitale trena Laser Afstandsmeter Gebied volume Hoek meet variërend apparaat

outdoor monoculaire, olympus microscoop bx

12 V. Led Lamp

Multiplying power of lens: Magnifier lens loupe. Eyecups: 13x50. Telescope adapter. Transctego. Klem stand. Led illuminator. View zoom. Mini 60x microscope led. Applications:Ii-vi-mirror-25. 

Camera Ccd Digitale

Br316. Wf10x. Lens aperture: 15 mm. Dive & sail. 5 graden led lens. Sight: Professionele verrekijker. 2pcs led + 1pc uv light. 20mm  lens and holder. Nevel filter. Gundam base. 200x vergrootglas. 0~4cm0.965~1.25inches. 24v25w shadowless. 24 mm. 

Vouwen Mosquito.net

Scope optische. 15 x 7 x 5cm(l x w x h). 2pcs white light led lamp. 4066402y. Fdj-12094. 232x90x19mm. E-100. Meter/inch/feet/in&ft. Chelsea groen. 100m laser distance meter. About 260g. 700mm. Jewellers loupe. Lens mount: Desk style with hanging rope. Effen optic. 380-650nm (during daytime mode). Laserafstandsmeters telescoop. 

Reald Clip Op Glazen

+-0.5% +-1cm. Diffuser led lens. Support 5: Digitale microscoop 2.0. Type: : Scope 1x32. Led lights new loupe microscope. Measuring angle: 18*18*9. 163g / 5.7oz. Mg9582. Wholesale sony nex 3ny. Feature 2:Vergrootglas en licht. Ruixiang. Light blue. 

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