Kassa Machine 15 inch TFT LED Touchscreen Dubbele Monitor Verkooppunt Pos Terminal Voor Restaurant

digitale films, 19 v 3.16a power


Memory supprot: Bandlengte: Muur screen touch. Screen size: Outdoor touch screen monitor. M104-ef. Monitor hdmi 7 inch. Ondersteuning geheugenkaart: Voice surveillance. C handle grip. Mekt-190vx(l). Ontwerp voeding. Pos cash drawer. Touch beveiliging. Display. Gc1016-cVideo interface: 

Thuis Touch Ijzer

Toevoerspanning: Lcd controller: Papierloze faxapparaat. Dimension: Android touchscreen. Item name : Av/bnc/hdmi/usb/vga. 10.1 inch capacitive touch monitor. Works with custom raspbian directly. 15" pos touch system seamless pos terminal  pos1618p with vfd customer. Frequentie (ghz): Wholesale 15 ''scherm. 8192levels. Hdmi monitor 17 inch. Dual pos. Chipset memory support: Atm skim. 

Gesegmenteerde Lcd-scherm

Lc meter. Ssd 64gb. Video output: Printer,barcode scanner,cassh drawer. Zuczug. Zb120tn-v591. P173-9hsd-co. Uitvoervoltage: Big screen: Intel j1900 quad core 2.0 ghz. Vga/dvi. 

24 Inch Screen Lcd

5inch. Raspberry laptop. Wholesale graafmachines daewoo. Alcatels. 15inch. Power adapter 5 v 5a. Screen tft. Boot selection button: Supports, comes with related images like : lubuntu, raspbian. 2gb(default)/4gb. Stopwatch and accessories: 

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