6.4 inch mini industriële lcd aanraking voor PC heldere screen voorpaneel waterdichte

temperatuur monitoren, 138 tft

Monitor Druk

Intel j1900 quad core 2.0ghz. 400 mah. Digitale. 500:1. Monitoren game. All in one touch screen terminal. Vs-1 finehd. Mechanisme: Model: 800*600. Nieuw. 85/85/80/80. 15''  all in one pure touch  screen restaurant system pos terminal. Bloedruk1024x600. B170jc-abhuv. Fw56d/o. Graphics interface: 

Register Kassier

Ddriii 1066/1333*1 2gb(default)/4gb. 80°/80°(l/r) 65°/80°(u/d)5 inch monitor hdmi. Schakelaar screen. Brede schermresoluties. A1237. Keyword: 17 inch touch screen monitor. Zonneklep monitoren. Sata2. Built-in card reader(for charge). 12 inch resistive touch monitor. Sound card type: Color: 

9 Lcd Monitor Hdmy

Other interface: Werktemperatuur: Wholesale cash machine register. 70 touchscreen monitor. Wholesale horloge pulse. Black,white. 15 inch tft lcd. Video, audio, dc. Capacitive touch screen. Mekt-t804vs. 530-550mm. 

Digitale Installatie

1048069137de 1145086420de. 0.3mp. Met lcd-scherm of niet: Xt-tmo10.4001. Vg120 lcd. 4.3''. Optional peripherals: M315djj-k30. 804vxdr(l). Wholesale ms oppervlak. 10.4 open frame touch monitor. Monitoren led 17. Extern testcertificaat: Special features: Pts-otm104d. Wifi & bluetooth: Set type: Adapter monitor. 

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