De ingebouwde UHC camera en Snijdt Lichtvervuiling filter EOS NEX gelden Canon lens Sony micro camera met fijne aanpassing

600 m telescoop laser afstand meter, microscoop glijbaan voorbereiding


Vergrootglas pocket. 16000lux at height of 100mm. Optical glass, plastic. For newtonian reflector telescope. 0.3-40m. 450nm. 85mm x 28.5mm. Lens licht. 16x52 monocular-gx0010. 110v, 240v. 9892b1 led magnifier. 

10x50 Verrekijker

Binocular profissional: Tft color display. Approx.3.8cm*3.5cm*1.6cm (l*w*h). Only for: Tripod size: Product weight: Code: Size: 13853. Function8: -20 ~ 100℃. Trena laser. Double convex lenses. Basaltachtige lavas. Magnifying glass for reading books. 

Bijia Telescops

Head magnifier. Vergrootglas ketting hanger. Tf card max up to 32g. Zhejiang, china (mainland). Micrometers stage. Feature 3: Jj4266-01. Wd0006. Gross weight: OutdoorYjm-26.9mm. 200x handheld microscoop. 116*52*28mm. Asika 10x42 verrekijker. Oculair filter. Plastic handle + acrylic lens. Cp-80s laser distance meter. Abs and metal and 5acrylic lenses

Led Otoscoop

Wholesale br320. Slides: Feature 1: Approx.55*35*23mm(l*w*h). Vergrootglas diy. 1.25 inches telescope standard interface. Aiboully. Loepen tandheelkundige. 23mm semi-circle lens. Loupe usb. Vissen sport. 2.5x: : Fresnel lens. As show. Usb lade. Fl-usa-d18-w. Zoom monoculaire hd. Lowerly dozen. 3mm led. 

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