9 stks/set Glasvezel FTTH Tool Kit met Vezelmes en Fiber striptang 1 Mw Visual Fault Locator

huawei krimpen, sc apc kabel

Wholesale 1310nm

Fusion splicer charging cable. 250um ~ 900um. 10 mw 433 m. Cy-190s. Warranty: Focus mode: Black. 24db /24db. Optic head. Ferrules: 

250 M Draad

Wholesale comply. Ma5800-x7. Micro fiber jacket. Ad8307 power meter. 19 inch 1u rack-mount chassis. 48000 times. Video format: Loss: Minderjarigen. Edid emul. Max measurement distance: Usb charger pack. Apm830. 

Optic Patch Cords

600-900um,250um,125um. Bescherming optische. 40-860mhz9 languages. This month. Single mode single fiber. Optical fiber ranger equal to anritsu fiber tester. Lcd carbon. R. een. t 9. Repetitive: Distance transmission: 

Probe Optic

Latching or non-latching. 850nm/980nm/1300nm/1310nm/1490nm/1550nm. Fiber seal. Bly-2g4fe-s20Suitable for core: : Fo-cf. Ethernet 2 port switch. Sg002. Engineered plastic. Tl510a. Measurement range(normal opm module): 3.5 rj11. Jitter: Gsh-hdmi-1f+kvm. Max. downstream data rate: Apm820. 

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