Huion GT 220 V2 21.5 "Pen Tablet Monitor Digitale Tekening Monitor Touchscreen Monitor Interactieve Pen Display HD IPS LCD Monitor

17 inch laptops, rack mount gevallen

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Screen hdmi monitor. Keywoard :Capacitive touchscreen. Artikelhoogte: 15 inch tft lcd touch screen monitor. Raspberry case pi. Pos1519. Support colors: Vfd220e customer display and msr1300(mini). 4.5 v ~ 5.5v dc. Ddriii 1066/1333*1 4gb. Connector: 25w(max). 19 inchtft lcd panel. Pen technology: P133-9hsd. 15 inch touch. Lcd connector screen. 

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0.297mm. 0.1989(h)x0.1989(v) mm. Ili9325. Zb120jc-v592. Intel celeron j1900 quad core 2.0 ghz. 15 inch touch screen all-in-one pos system  cash register. Register machine cash. D.2 m.2. 8.4inch. Um-80/c. The second screen size: 


H1116. A 1.2ghz 64-bit quad-core armv8 cpu. Compos pos terminal  all in one pos system pos1619. 15" pos touch system seamless pos system pos1619d. Length 130*, width 110 (mm). Support	comes with lubuntu	raspbian imagesIps screen, supports various systems. M215mfPrinter,cash drawer,vfd ,barcode scanner. Computer mini. Tft monitor kleur. Metal grey. 4 inch tweeter. Zichtbaar. Bloeddruk draagbare monitor. 

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J1900 quad core 2.0ghz. Lcd extended. 25*22*9cm. Expand memory: 23 ''ips monitorIntel celeron processor. Lcd touch screen monitor. Drivers provided: Pos moederbord. 32ch dvr. 

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