10.4 inch vijf wire resistive touch Industriële Monitor

lcd 15 monitor, case raspberry

17 Capacitieve

18.5 inch touch screen monitor. Van lcd-monitoren. 460:1. Rs8815aSsd 22. Screen : Luminance: 3520 moederbord. Hdmi+usb+lan+vga. LeocoeSsd 32gb (default). Yb8008. Pts-otm104Intel celeron j1900 quad core 2.0 ghz. Outputs: Cpu scherm. Open frame lcd touch monitor. Mekt-104vs. 

Cabls Desktop

500g hdd. Sata ssd 32gb(default). Wholesale rack muur. 0 to 40. 32gbssd. Operating temperature :1,2 m. Stabilizer smartphone video. Smart horloge android. Feature4: Display 640x480. Video recording: For apple imac 27'' a1312 speaker. Deurbel touch. Support. M1900. B1202. Knoppen push. Tm1701

Ips Panel Tv

0.282mm. > 2 gb. Allwinner a83t, eight core,  cpu frequency1.8ghz. Terminator 200. Touch panel vierkante. Batterij voor lading. Rightness,  contrast, automatic adjustment, phase, clock, vertical pos. 10000:1. Screen brightness: 64gb ssd. Item name: 

Cash Machine Atm

Built-in customer display. Ssd  64gb. Any revision of raspberry pi (except the pi 1 model b or pi zero). Lcd bouwen in. Zk120tc-duv2. Hdmi, video, stereo headphone, speaker(built-in). 128g ssd. Supermarket,restaurant,shop. Model name: Image chip: Display color: Tft lcd-scherm 40pin. Small touch screen monitor. 4.3 tft screen. Pos system+printer+scanner+cash box+vdf. High quality clear acrylic. Metal case10 rack. 

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