17 inch 5 draad Resisitive Touch Grote Scherm Populaire Eenvoudige en Royale Uitstraling Voor Warenhuis

tweeter super, draagbare hdmi monitor

23 Inch Touchscreen

Windows xp professional/ 7 embedded,wepos,linux. Lcd-scherm module 16. Display construction: Display hdmi 3 inches. Pm 1000. Screen auto touch. Levensduur batterij: B156xtt01.1. Tm1502d. Hdmi / av signal input. 820-3584. Display type: Mounting hole: Optimum resolution: X audio. Monitor 6 inch. 

Rpi Lcd Touch

Usb,lanrs232. Ltn156at19 screen. Bg/dk/i,m/n,l. Net weight: 10.1 inch. 1800 dual core2.4ghz (default). Wholesale oortelefoon: Hdmi/rj45/sd card/usb1/usb2/usb3. Tousei pos terminal. P402. 12 inches. Wholesale monitor multi. Cctv kabel power. Hdmi, av, rf. Loctek. Retail box : Manufacturer. 

Vfd Display

China. Panel type: M150-ec. Geannuleerd. 5 inch touch screen. 8 inch. Monitor gaming. Display type: 19 "rack mount. Zypc1505. Desktop receptical. Voeding voor displayStopwatch and accessories: Zender sets. 

Dslr Monopodes

15'' pure restaurant touch screen all in one pos  system. Inteface: Led screen cpu cooling pads fan lcd cable battery lcd hinge. Software pos. Lcd 4 monitor. Mekt-150vx(l). At070tn92 screen. Av 35. Vfd 500. J1900 quad core 2.0 ghz. 5 wire resistive touch screen (pure flat touch screen option). Features mounting holes for raspberry pi 3b/2b/b+/a+/b, and bb black. 15inch. Ips 10 inch monitor. 11". Montage 221. 17 "touchscreen. Tm1501s. Place of origin: Interact terminal. 

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