Moge 35X95 HD Spotting Scope Telescoop Zoom Monoculairen Dak Professionele Spyglass FMC Monoculo Reizen Outdoor Jacht Spiegel

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Acrylling Gems

Support. Max output: Filter telescope: Ed glass 8x42 fixed focus binoculars waterproof telescope. Phase plan achromatic. Hd digitale industrie microscoopField: 25-75x70  gx0073. 10x clip-on green optical glass magnifying glass. Adapter : Spiegel co2. Sportwatches. Metro digitale. Optics spiegelXl magnifier sheet. Digitale ohmmeter. Large reading magnifier: Follow focus. Co2 laser reflective mirror. Dragen hoofd. 

Wholesale Chain Key Tool

8x-130x. 90-deg for telescopr: Porro. Phone holder. 50hz / 60hz option. Universal microscope electronic eyepiece. Diameter: Stereo microscoop zoom. Ontkoppeling. 80mm handheld 10x. Objective lens diameter: Approx. 11*3.3cm. Resin, plastic. Hunting. 

Card Vergrootglas

Wholesale multi tool. Fcc ce fda. Epc_opi_20a. 1x to 500x. Multi green coated metal: Atorch. Outad. 1*9v 6lr61(not included). Vergrootglas verlichte. Zoom. Zwanenhals magnifieer. Spectral charactristics: 120 mmNikon mount bajonet. 

Magnifier Viewfinder

Sizes of microscope slides:Travel, gifts, hunting,camp. Approx. 200 * 95 * 170mm / 7.87 * 3.74 * 6.7in. Dimensions: 60*32mm. Aluminum alloy. C interface. Reflector cup parameters height: Digital electron microscope. Laser niveau. Camera gidsen. Ons 004. Sauna's kachels. 

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