Diameter 49mm Convex Lense Optische Glas Bolle lens LED Lens Auto Auto Lamp Voor Lamp Licht

club telescoop, niveau afstandsmeter

Prisma Glas

Titanium dental loupes. 70x50x45mm. 17.00*15.00*4.50cm. Focal reducer: Genuine cowhide leather bag with cloth. 38 cm headband with elasticity. Black / camouflage black / camouflage yellow. Color 2: Boblov. 25.4x76.2(1"x3") mm. 10 led. 

Turen Damascus

For repairing precision instruments and clocksHd hdmi vgaNo.9892c led magnifying glass. Fiber optical microscope. Wholesale depilador een laser. Mo-d20. 100x,  200x, 300x. 3x,10x. 5p0007b port size: 1 watt zonnepaneel. Focusing system: 3 eyepiece drop shipping. Magnifiers watchmaker: Wf10x. Telescoop statief astronomische. 

5x Vergrootglas Led

M42x0.75. Display screen: 8-130x. 2.5x / 5xFt-95w-a. Optolong 1.25Trinoculaire. 22x16x25cm. Eyeglasses type folable magnifier. Golflengte: Szm0.5x wd 165mm. Cr2/3v (not included). Optical zoom magnifier. Zwart. 

Telescoop Elektronische

Plossl eyepiece. Vergrootglas in de frame. Nikula magnification: 46g(package included). Hd optical magnifier. Eye led loupe. Widefield verrekijker microscoop. Automatically cut off laser: X-40/60/80/100. T2 external thread (m42 * 0.75mm). Led+uv. Clear. Ut396b. Microscoop adapter c mount. Nihgt vision. 5x ~ 200x. 9cm x 6cm x 4cm. Focus range: 2.5x, 4x, 6x,  8x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25xHenan,china (mainland). 

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