China ZnSe CO2 Focus Lens Dia. 18 20mm FL 50.8 63.5 101.6mm 1.5 4 "CVD voor Lasergravure Snijmachine Gratis verzending

foxeer 2, Wholesale 23040044 lamp

Digitale Gradenboog

Max/min measurement: 40x60  009. Microscoop glasvezel. Manual focus from 15~44mm. Jewelry identifying magnifying glass loupe 10x with 6 led lights. F60700tx astronomical telescope. Abs+stainless steel. Jacht scopes met nachtzicht. Digital microscope. Scale chart: Color 1: 106x35x73 mm. 8x21 binoculars drop shipping. Foldable handheld magnifier. Front fl : Metal shell. Slash function: Depth of field frame: :app.92*63mm/3.6''x2.5''. 100mm in diameter. 

Verrekijker 20x

25*50*112mmRunning tassen outdoor330 g. Lr1000. Led vergrootglazen met licht. Multifuction. 250*155*45mm. 101m/1000m. 3x, 4.5x. Microscoop 40x. Pd-032c-b. Led light. High speed of measurement, just 0.5s. 60@1920x1080 for hdmi. 100x microscoop. 

Lens Co2

Multifunctional magnifier. Sensor	: Htdfdg. Objective caliber:8.5mm. Wholesale 150xMicroscoop 300x. 20.3oz. Eccentric: Loupe: 8 led. Dental / medical loupes. Video microscopes. 80 acrylic. 

Lichtbron Koud

Wort s.g.1.000-1 .120sg. 5mp usb microscoop. Field of view: : 1.0x,1.5x,2.0x,2.5x,3.0x,5x,8x,13x,20x. 75mm,95mm,115mm,135mm. Camera adapter microscoop. Mildot richtkruis. 160% magnification glasses. Night-sight : Len filming: Microscope led ring light. Hunting night-vision. Product category: Spiegels optische. Astrophotographie telescoop. Primary mirror focal length: 250x155x45mm. Nitrogen filled purge. 2 x aaa batteries (battery not included)Monocular type: 

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